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60s Eastside Photos- Page 1

Thee Midniters / The Jaguars / The Blue Satins / Thee Emeralds /
Mickey & the Invaders

Thee Midniters

(left to right- Larry Rendon, Little Willie G., George Salazar (behind cymbal), Roy Marquez, George Dominguez, Benny Lopez, Ronnie Figueroa- behind amp)


Benny & the Midniters (early 60s)

(left to right- Little Willie G., Richard Ceballos, unknown,
Raul Ceballos, Benny Ceballos, and Joe Farfan)
(photo courtesy of Raul Ceballos)

Thee Jaguars

(left to right- Frank Chavez, Anthony "Beaver" Carroll, Mario Panagua, Adrian Sansone)


Mark Guerrero & Mario Panagua (2007)

(Mario was leader and lead guitarist for the Jaguars.
He was also involved with the production of the first albums of both El Chicano and Tierra)


The Blue Satins

(left to right- Robert Perez, Johnny Betencourt, Bobby Loya, Charles Lueras,
Pete Ventura, Louie Lopez, Frank Mezquita, Frank "Pinky" Estrada, and Ray Suarez)


Thee Emeralds

(left to right- Ray Ballesteros, Jesse Perez, Jacob Padilla, Anthony Baray {front center}, Ray Rosa {back center}, Fred Gonzalez, Andy ?, Rodger Baron Guitierrez)


Thee Emeralds

(front row, left to right- Anthony Baray, Sammy "Bones" Ramos, Ray Rosa)
(center, left to right- Mike Mercado, Ray Ballesteros, Jesse Perez)
(back row, left to right- Jacob Padilla, Fred Gonzalez, Andy ?)


Thee Emeralds
(at Pacific Ocean Park)

(left to right-
Ray Rosa, Jacob Padilla, Ray Ballesteros, Mike Mercado, Anthony Baray, and Fred Gonzalez)


Mickey & the Invaders

(top row, left to right- John Ortiz, Bobby Espinoza,
and brother and sister, Denny and Linda Robinson)
(kneeling in front, left- Mickey Aversa, right- Simon Casas)


Mickey & the Invades with The Blossoms

(The Blossoms backed up artists such as Elvis Presley and The Righteous Brothers.)


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