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60s Eastside Photos- Page 2

Thee Ambertones / Thee Celestials / Thee Enchanters /
 Thee Royal Checkmates

Thee Ambertones

top center- Henry Hernandez (guitar)
middle row, left to right- Jimmy Alvarez (drums), Eddie Delgado (bass),
Ray Areole(sax), and Mike Sandoval (guitar)
bottom row, left to right- Charlie Muñoz (vocals) and Danny Medina (keyboards)


Thee Ambertones

(left to right- Jimmy Alvarez (on drums), Eddie Delgado (behind drummer),
Mike Sandoval, Frankie Olvera, Danny Medina, Tony Duran,
and Henry Hernandez)
(photo courtesy of Joey Delgado)

6 photos below courtesy of Gene Valdez

Thee Ambertones

Thee Ambertones


Thee Ambertones "Live"


Thee Celestials

(left to right- Richard Ramirez, Bob Zurko, Bernie Leal, Chuck Muela, Ray Headrick, and Mike Valdez)
(hidden- Mike Montez, rhythm guitar and Mike Aceves, drums)


Thee Celestials "Live" at Rosewood Park Hall

(left to right- hidden behind cymbal, Mike Aceves,
Richard Ramirez, Bob Zurko, Mike Valdez, and Bernie Leal)


Thee Enchanters


Thee Royal Checkmates (1964)

(left to right- Joe Herrera (keys), Albert Alaman (bass), Eddie Jones (vocals/guitar)
Richard Saenz (rhythm guitar), Ray Rodriguez (drums), Freddy Saenz (vocals)
(c. 1972 Ray Rodriguez would become the drummer for Yaqui.)


Thee Royal Checkmates (c. 1966)

(front center- Debbie Thomas)
(left to right- Bobby Gonzales, Richard Saenz, Steve Ramirez, Aaron Ballesteros,
Joe Herrera, Ralph Gandara, Eddie Jones, David Segura, and Eddie Herron)
(Aaron Ballesteros would later become Tierra's longtime drummer.)
(photo courtesy of Ralph Gandara)


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