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60s Eastside Photos- Page 3

The Mixtures / Armenta Brothers / Thee Progressions / The Royal Jesters /
The Rhythm Playboys / Thee Enchantments / The Little Heartbreakers

8 photos of The Mixtures below courtesy of Dan Pollock


The Mixtures (1961)

(standing left to right- Del Franklin, Johnny Wells, Jess Porras,
Leroy "Zag" Soto, and Eddie De Robles)
(seated- Steve Mendoza and Dan Pollock)


The Mixtures at Rainbow Gardens (March 1962)

(left to right- Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto, Jess Porras, Dan Pollock,
Eddie De Robles, and Johnny Wells)
Steve Mendoza (far left hidden, piano)


The Mixtures (March 1962)

(standing left to right- Steve Mendoza, Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto,
Dan Pollock, Jess Porras, and Johnny Wells) (Eddie De Robles on drums)


The Mixtures and The Standells at Rainbow Gardens (March 1962)

(At the rear of the stage: The Standells, with Larry Tamblyn on guitar
Dan Pollock {bending down in front of Larry} and Eddie De Robles on front set of drums. Front of the stage from left to right are Leroy "Zag" Soto (standing),
Corkie Wilkie (back to camera with sax), and Jess Porras)

The Mixtures at Rainbow Gardens (February 12, 1962)
(taken during the live "Stompin' At the Rainbow" album)

 left to right- Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto, and Dan Pollock


The Mixtures at Rainbow Gardens (February 12, 1962)
(taken during the live "Stompin' At the Rainbow" album)

left to right- Eddie Robles (drums), Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto, and Dan Pollack


The Mixtures (1960)

(left to right- Phil & Harv, Dan Pollock, Johnny Wells (hidden), Del Franklin,
Leroy "Zag" Soto (hidden),Jess Porras, Steve Mendoza, and Dick Halstead)


The Mixtures (1959)

left to right- Del Franklin, Jess Porras, Dick Halstead, Steve Mendoza, Johnny Trueblood (Mixtures' first drummer), Dan Pollock, and Autrey Joe Johnson



Armenta Brothers at Our Lady of Lourdes (1948)


Thee Progressions

(from left- Rick DeLeon, Clarence Playa, far right- Sammy "Bones" Ramos)


Thee Royal Jesters

(front row, left to right- Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia {pre-Cannibal & the Headhunters}, Joe Urzua, Jimmy Horvath, and Robert Martinez)
(back row, left to right- Freddie Ayala, Raul Ceballos, Johnny Diaz, and Fred Gallegos)
(photo courtesy of Raul Ceballos)


The Rhythm Playboys

(center- Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia, pre-Cannibal & the Headhunters)


Thee Enchantments

(lead singer- Eddie Serrano,
later of Cannibal & the Headhunters, Olde Tyme Religion, and Yaqui)


The Little Heartbreakers


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