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     The following books, in part or in their entirety, contain information about Chicano music or musicians.  Below some of the titles I mention the artists related to my website that are featured in the books.  Click on the titles with links for my reviews.

"Land of a Thousand Dances- Chicano Rock & Roll from Southern California"
by David Reyes and Tom Waldman
University of New Mexico Press (1998)

Contains information on the careers of Lalo Guerrero, Mark Guerrero, and many of the Chicano and "Eastside Sound" musicians featured on this website.  It also has photos of Lalo Guerrero, Mark Guerrero's early bands Mark & the Escorts and Tango, and other East L.A. musical artists.


"Neil Young- Heart of Gold"
by Harvey Kubernik
Back Beat Books (2016)

Mark Guerrero is quoted twice in the book on Neil Young and his music.


"Turn Up the Radio: Rock, Pop, and Roll In Los Angleles 1956-1972"
by Harvey Kubernik
Santa Monica Press (2014)

Mark Guerrero is quoted throughout the book on the Eastside Sound, various musical experiences, and the greater music scene of Los Angeles during the period.  Mark also contributed many of his archival photos and flyers for the book.  You can order the book from the amazon.com link below.


"It Was Fifty Years Ago Today- The Beatles Invade America and Hollywood"
by Harvey Kubernik
Otherworld Cottage Industries (2014)

Mark Guerrero talks about his experiences growing up on The Beatles, their impact on the East Los Angeles / Chicano music scene, his trips to Liverpool, and more, (pages 104 - 107).


"Barrio Rhythm- Mexican-American Music in Los Angeles"
by Steven Loza
University of
Illinois Press (1993)

Contains a chapter on the career of Lalo Guerrero and information on many other East L.A. and "Eastside Sound" musical artists featured on this website.


"Lalo, My Life and Music"
by Lalo Guerrero and Sherilyn Meece Mentes
University of Arizona Press (2002)


"Wild Tongues"
by Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz
University of Texas Press (2013)

Contains a large section on Lalo Guerrero and his pachuco music with many of his lyrics included.  Also, a section about my brother Dan and the social impact of his one-man show, "Gaytino."   


"Rock the Nation: Latino Identities and the Latin Rock Dispora"
by Roberto Avant-Mier
Continuum International Publishing Group (2010)

     Contains a large section on Lalo Guerrero, pachuco music, the Chicano garage rock bands of the 60s, Chicano punk, and rock music in Mexico.  This is a scholarly look at the influence and contributions made by Latino(a) musical artists.  In the authors' own words, "the Latin/o Rock Diaspora illuminates complex identity issues and interesting paradoxes with regard to identity politics, such as nationalism. Latino/as use rock music for assimilation to mainstream North American culture, while in Latin America, rock music in Spanish is used to resist English and the hegemony of U.S. culture. Meanwhile, singing in English and adopting U.S. popular culture allows youth to resist the hegemonic nationalisms of their own countries. Thus, throughout the Americas, Latino/as utilize rock music for assimilation to mainstream national culture(s), for resistance to the hegemony of dominant culture(s), and for mediating the negotiation of Latino/a identities."


"The Mexican American Orquesta"
by Manuel Peña
University of Texas Press (1999)

Contains information on the careers of Lalo Guerrero, Don Tosti, Manny Lopez, Chico Sesma, Los Lobos, Thee Midniters, Cannibal & the Headhunters, Little Joe Hernandez, and Sunny Ozuna.


"Los Tucsonenses"
by Thomas E. Sheridan
University of Arizona Press (1986)

Contains information of the career of Lalo Guerrero, Linda Ronstadt, Luisa Espinel (Ronstadt's aunt), and other artists native to Tucson, Arizona.


"Tucson- A History of the Old Pueblo from the 1854 Gadsden Purchase"
by David Devine
McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
Jefferson, North Carolina (2015)

From goodreads.com- "Tracing the remarkable history of Tucson, Arizona since 1854, this book reveals multiple aspects of the community- its numerous ceremonies and customs, its multitude of problems, its long list of accomplishments, and its racial divides.  It examines why the Tucson of today is the way it is- a diverse metropolitan region of almost one million people that sprawls across the Sonoran Desert."  Lalo Guerrero is mentioned in two places.



"Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture"
edited by Cordelia Chavez Candelaria, Arturo J. Aldama, Peter J. Garcia, and Alma Alvarez-Smith, Greenwood Press (2004)

Contains a six page entry on Chicano music in Southern California from the late forties through the 1980s written by Mark Guerrero.

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